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Clacton-on-Sea Minibus - A Coach Hire Company Able to Cater to Your Needs

Travelling from A to B can become a bit of a bind when you've only got a car to rely on. Public transport is not as frequent or reliable as it should be, and it is also extortionately expensive. On top of that, you're restricted to certain locations. Clacton-on-Sea Minibus can offer a transportation service which will suit your needs. We'll be able to pick you up from a pre-arranged location, and drop you back home again when you're finished. There are also self-drive minibus options if you'd prefer to drive yourself.

We've been providing coach and minibus services for more than a decade, and we have an enviable reputation in the area. Our long list of satisfied customers includes private individuals, families and friends, business people, corporate clients, school groups and various types of organisations. You might be wondering why we're considered one of the best. Let's give you a few reasons why.

Travel in Comfort

We have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles that are some of the latest models available. None of the fleets is any older than 6 years and many of them are much younger. Such modern vehicles come well equipped with the latest in comfortable features. These include air-conditioning and ergonomic seats. There is also plenty of space to move around.

Stress-free travel

Tourists, in particular, will enjoy our services because it means they can enjoy exploring the area, without the stress of following traffic signs and dealing with unfamiliar roads. Locals will also benefit because they will be able to sit back and let us do the driving for a change.

Enjoy your surroundings

Taking advantage of our coach and minibus services will let you see the beautiful countryside. Not having to concentrate on the road can be a very appealing feature of one of our tours. Being able to relax, rather than stressing about driving and the traffic allows you to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed.


Travelling by minibus or coach with Clacton-on-Sea Minibus can be very cost-effective. Get in touch and ask for a free instant quote.


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